Our Treatments

Healthy Solutions, Tailor-Made for You

Pimple Care 

We offer a wide range of pimple care treatments such as :

1) Microdermabrasion
3) Mesotherapies
4) IPL Laser Treatment

Under eye dark circles 

This includes :

1) Complete correction of dark circles / puffiness / wrinkles under the eyes

2) Under Eye peels

Mole Removal Procedures

Mole Removal Procedures that we do are : Moles, warts, skin tags and CO² fractional laser 

Tattoo Removal 

Q- switched laser for complete removal of tattoos

Skin Whitening treatment

The treatments include : 
"Beauty drip " and IV Glutathione + Vitamin C 

Laser Hair removal

We use Diode laser for permanent and long term hair reduction which is absolutely painless

Melasma Treatment

This treatment offers complete care of pigmentation due to sunlight exposure , hair dye / allergies and due to hormonal changes.

Anti ageing Treatments

We provide a comprehensive course of anti ageing Treatments such as :
1) Botox and Fillers
2) PPO Threads 
3) Face Lifting 
4) Skin Tightening

CO2 fractional lasers for accident scars and chicken pox scars are also used that are 100% result oriented.

Permanant Make up

As the name seems to suggest this treatment scheme includes : 

1) Permanent thickening of eye brows
2) Lightening of lips .

Hair Treatment 

We do :
1) Anti hairfall Mesotherapy
2) anti dandruff treatments 
3) Platelet rich Plasma (PrP) - A hair regrowth therapy. This treatment allows for thickening of one's hair by triggering new hair growth.

Slimming and body Shaping

We use Ultrasound Thermotherapy Treatments for slimming and body Shaping.



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